Rules for Affiliate program

  1. Views from bots, social networking sites, reditt, link sharing sites, traffic generating sites/software, link shortening service are consider invalid and will result in account banned and earnings removed.
  2. You must not try to manipulate your count statistics or you will be disqualified.
  3. Post what is considered as legal, We reserve the right to remove any image that we found violating any terms.
  4. Any attempt to cheat or manipulate views in order to get more revenue will cause account ban, Play fair and everyone wins.
  5. You must be logged in while uploading images.
  6. Underage content of any kind is not allowed: child pornography, "Jailbait" images, minors of any kind.
  7. Max image file size is 10MB.
  8. Minimum payout is $2, You can request payout everyday, waiting period is 1-2 Days.
  9. Zone rates are subject to change with or without notice.
  10. 10% referral’s earning will be paid only if your referrer is active user on our site.
  11. These terms may change over period please check regularly.