NAWCC Chapter 149, Early American Watch Club
Standards of Conduct

Message Board Mission

"The Early American Watch Club", NAWCC Chapter 149 provides a forum to discuss early American Watches, companies and the individuals that made them. It is a collectors' club which focuses on research and has an educational forum which provides the advanced and beginning collectors with knowledge, study, and discussions of watch histories, collecting and people involved with horology throughout the ages.

Message Board Conduct

Account Rules

Access Restrictions. Some areas of the message board are public, some are for members only, and in some cases even more stringent access controls are imposed (such as the forums for administrators only). In order to preserve the integrity of the board, no non-members shall be allowed to access the members-only forums.

Copy Restrictions. The contents of this message board are copyrighted by Chapter 149, and all rights are reserved by the chapter. No material from this board may be used in whole or in part outside this message board without the express written permission of the Chapter 149 Board of Directors.

Internal Copy Restrictions. Due to the legal differences arising from the distinction between members-only forums and publicly visible forums, no content may be moved from the members-only forums to the publicly visible forums without the express permission of ALL of the authors. Any content from the members-only forum that is made visible to the public will be subject to immediate deletion without warning or notice.

Content Distinctions. No personal attacks will be tolerated against others under any circumstances on any forums within this message board. Likewise, no attacks against other chapters or any portion of the NAWCC (including officers, staff, volunteers, or appointed operatives) will be tolerated at any time.

Links to on-going eBay auctions may only be included by the seller. Links to concluded auctions MAY be included for discussion in the members-only forum. Since such links become useless after the auction information is removed from eBay at 90 days past the close of the auction, all such links are subject to removal without warning or notification after 90 days.

Content posted on the public forums must be treated the same as content published in a newspaper. Anything deemed potentially offensive to the public may be removed or edited by the administrators without warning or notice.

Content posted to the members-only forums will be treated the same as presentations delivered in front of a full chapter meeting. While there will be fewer restrictions within the members-only forum, the moderators and administrators have discretion to remove or edit any content that is deemed offensive to other chapter members or potentially harmful to the chapter itself. In general, moderators should contact authors before removing or editing content within the members-only forums, and seek to resolve the concern(s) without altering or removing the content.

Account Controls

Anyone may register for an account on the Chapter 149 message board. Once registered, the account must be approved by one of the administrators of the message board before it will be activated. In order to be approved, each account must have a valid and verified e-mail address. We seek to limit each person to having and using only ONE account. Requests for additional accounts will not be granted.

Once approved and activated, public accounts are able to post to the public areas of the message board. Any infraction of the rules will result in a written warning to the individual. Any subsequent infraction of the rules may (at the discretion of the administrator) result in additional warnings, suspension of the account, removal of the account, or a permanent ban on access to the message board.

Public account holders who join Chapter 149 will, upon verification of their chapter member status, be granted access to the members-only sections of the board. Any infraction of the rules will result in a written warning to the individual. Any subsequent infraction will, at the discretion of the Chapter 149 Board of Directors, result in temporary suspension of the member access privileges, reduction of the membership access privileges, or revocation of the membership in Chapter 149.

Guiding Principles

Chapter 149 members must be members of the NAWCC, and as such are bound by the governing rules and principles of the NAWCC. Included among these are the requirement that NAWCC members treat each other with dignity and respect, and uphold ethical practices in all dealings with NAWCC members.

In addition, Chapter 149 members are held to a higher standard of conduct and must agree to and abide by the governing principles and rules established by the Chapter 149 Board of Directors. These include requirements to practice and promote ethical horology.

Where conflicts exist between the guiding priciples of the NAWCC and of the chapter, the Chapter 149 Board of Directors will resolve those conflicts. Members shall not take it upon themselves to alter the guiding principles of the chapter or the NAWCC at any time.