NAWCC Chapter 149, Early American Watch Club
Message Board Policies

MB Privacy Policy

The Chapter 149 Message Board is operated as a public service, but does require some personal information to be provided in order to post messages. In specific, we require a valid e-mail address that can and will be verified before activation of a new account. At no time will Chapter 149 knowingly make the personal information provided by our account holders available to anyone, and will take reasonable precautions to insure that the information is secured against theft. However, by providing personal information to the chapter you agree to hold Chapter 149 and its operatives blameless should that personal information be used inappropriately. For that reason, it is suggested that you provide only the bare minimum information (e-mail address, account name and password) to Chapter 149 when registering your account.

For ease of recognition and to promote a friendlier environment it is recommended that you use your real name as your signature.

MB Limitations of Liability

Chapter 149 operates this message board as a public service to the horological community. Messages posted on this message board do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the NAWCC, Chapter 149 Board of Directors, the Administrators, or the Moderators of the message board.

Users of this message board are responsible for their own conduct and the content they post herein. Individuals who post on this message board retain the copyright on their content, and grant Chapter 149 unlimited rights to reproduce the content electronically and in printed form without compensation.